Louisa Roscoe's extensive studies started in Sydney, Australia and gained a Bachelor Health Science Degree and qualifications in Naturopathic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Flower Remedies, Iridology and Sports and Remedial Massage. More recently after the birth of my daughter I felt inspired to study again and gained a diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and a practitioner qualification in Systematic Kinesiology. I have lived and worked in private practice in Cornwall for the last 15 years.

My journey

My journey with natural medicine first started in France as when a French exchange student at 14 years old. Having suffered from debilitating hay-fever all through my childhood and been given countless medications with no relief. I was taken to a homeopath who gave me a remedy and then no hay-fever. My studies have taken me to Australia where I spent 5 years full time learning about the power of Nutrition, the healing properties of Herbal Medicine, flower remedies and the wonderful way of Homoepathy to help with a huge range of health issues. I have spent time in India learning from Homeopathic Doctors and their Clinics, studied Yoga, Mediation and Auyvedic Traditional Medicine. More recently my journey sees me qualified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Systematic Kinesioloy: two very holistic modalities that work extremely well alongside the other treatments in my Natural Health Clinic. My Journey continues as I am constantly inspired to learn more about the natural world and our potential.

I am very passionate about natural medicine, wild and plant medicine.
I believe about sharing knowledge and information to enable, empower and connect people to the healing power and potential of nature.
— Louisa Roscoe BHSc Naturopath, BCST, ASK